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4.5 - I've been sent a game key. What if I give it to someone else?
Last Updated 3 years ago

If the game key you receive is subject to terms and conditions or embargoes, then under no circumstances should you give it to someone else, e.g. when a game is pre-release or part of an alpha or beta program and has required your acceptance of terms and conditions before you were able to access the key.

You're not obliged to create content, and we make it clear to publishers that you may play the game and find it unsuitable for your channel. If you're unlikely to play a game, however, you can reject it and give a nice reason for doing so.

Please note: selling keys you have been sent is generally not accepted by those distributing them. If you wish to sell a game key you have not used, you must first seek the permission on whomever supplied the key. Complaints of this nature can lead to removal of Accreditation and/or accounts being suspended.

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