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3.4 - How long does it take to be Accredited?
Last updated 2 years ago

We try our best to process new accreditations within a few days but it takes longer if there are a lot of channels also waiting to be accredited.

Part of being accredited means a real human watching your channel to check the videos are correctly tagged. There is always a queue for the humans to watch the videos submitted for accreditation, and sometimes it happens in a day, and sometimes in a week. The queue is sorted by submission time and number of views, so channels with high viewer counts tend to get accredited before channels with only a few hundred views.

It also takes longer if content you've tagged doesn't match the criteria of an ‘active channel with regularly content being uploaded’, if yours is a relatively new channel, or if you've tagged content incorrectly (see Tagging

Once you have been accredited your account will be automatically updated. You will receive an email once this has been completed. We're working on improvements to make communication through the accreditation process much clearer.

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