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3.4 - How long does it take to be Accredited?
Last Updated 3 years ago

We process accreditations every day, and the queue is prioritized by channel size.

We have almost 1,000 channels joining Keymailer every day, and hundreds meet the accreditation requirements each day, but part of being accredited needs a Real Human to watch your channel checking videos are well-tagged.

The Real Human processes over 100 channels each day: ones with more than 1,000 subscribers are normally processed the same day, but most channels that meet the requirements should be accredited within 2 weeks.

We sometimes don't manage, specially for those channels with less than a few hundreds subscribers, but please remember we don't charge channels or gamers to use the service, most games developers use our free service, and Keymailer is a community tool, so we request you don't contact us to ask about slow accreditation until at least a month after you can see your accreditation is pending.

Accurate Tagging:
It takes longer to accredit you if your tagged gaming content doesn't match the criteria of an ‘active channel with regularly content being uploaded’, if yours is a relatively new channel, or if you've tagged content incorrectly (see Tagging

Once you have been accredited your account will be automatically updated. You will receive an email once this has been completed.

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